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Urban Classics FV8619C - Forvert Lorenz Backpack

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Urban Classics FV8619C

This FV8619 backpack from the Urban Classics brand is very stylish. Its design is characterized by a wide and voluminous flap , stylish closures and hooks . The flap takes up almost half of the front, with a snap for security. On the flap is positioned a large pocket with a discreet closure , to open the entire bag. A side closure adorns the bag with a fairly discreet red support. A wide band serves as a support on the bottom, making the specificity of this backpack. On the back, the straps are placed with a regulator . On the front, a logo in capital letters brings originality to this bag. Available in one size , you have the choice between black, dark olive, navy blue and ochre. Entirely in polyester, it is light and resistant .

Reference: FV8619
Construction: 100% polyester
Colours: Black, Dark Olive, Ochre, Navy Blue
Unique size

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